Cleveland Home Inspection: Chimney Issues

In this video, Mike Vakos from Tri County Inspections is completing an inspection with chimney issues. He takes us through the exterior inspection of a house, focusing particularly on a…

Cleveland Home Inspector

Cleveland Home Inspection: Chimney Issues

An Inspection is a Must For Chimneys

In this video, Mike Vakos from Tri County Inspections is completing an inspection with chimney issues. He takes us through the exterior inspection of a house, focusing particularly on a masonry chimney. As he begins, he points out the noticeable issue with the chimney pulling apart from the house—a clear sign of structural concern. Mike emphasizes the significance of chimney inspections, highlighting that they are often overlooked by homeowners due to their location atop the house.

He underscores the importance of regular maintenance and repair for chimneys, as neglecting them can lead to significant issues over time. The phrase "inspecting chimney issues" comes to mind as Mike reiterates the necessity of attention and care for these often-neglected components of a home.

Moreover, Mike's observation underscores the crucial role that professional inspections play in identifying such issues early on. By catching problems like these, homeowners can avoid more extensive damage and costly repairs down the line.

In summary, this video serves as a reminder of the importance of thorough home inspections, particularly when it comes to inspecting chimney issues. It highlights the expertise of professionals like Mike from Tri County Inspections in identifying and addressing potential concerns to ensure the safety and integrity of the home.

"Mike here with tri county inspections and in today's video I'm here at a house on this beautiful sunny snowy day. We're looking at the exterior here, so this is a uh masonry chimney and as you can see as you go up... this thing's starting to pull apart from the house. Actually obviously it needs some other work but it's kind of leaning and pulling apart so these are just some of the things we look for when we do inspections, especially on the exterior. Chimneys, I would say are probably one of the most neglected things in a house that I see. Especially because it's on the top. No homeowners ever go up there; nobody ever looks at them so it's definitely an important component and should require maintenance and repair on a sort of regular basis. So obviously this one needs some major attention here.  That's one of the things we look for. Mike Tri County inspections and that's one more reason to get an inspection. Have a great day."

-Mike Vakos, Owner, Operator, and Home Inspector

In this short video, Cleveland home inspector, Mike Vakos, shows you a masonry chimney in need of repair at a Cleveland home inspection. He points out some commonly neglected items in home maintenance that Tri County Inspections always includes in their thorough home inspections. Check out more of his home inspection videos for helpful information.

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Cleveland Home Inspector Explains Chimney Issues

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At Tri-County Inspections our goal is to inform you in an honest, easy-to-understand, down-to-earth and friendly manner. You should never expect anything short of the utmost detail and thoroughness from our home inspections. We even offer drone services to get the full scope of the property. This can be helpful especially when looking at the very tops of houses where chimney's are found with possible neglect and problems. Whether we're inspecting a home before you sell it as a pre-listing home inspection, to prepare you for what buyers may uncover OR if we're doing an inspection of a home you're considering buying - we make sure to give you ALL the information to make your best decisions and likely save money in the long run.

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