It’s Important: Home Inspection For New Construction

In this circumstance, a home inspector has the opportunity to see inside your walls as well as the finished product. Before the drywall is installed, it would be very beneficial…

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It’s Important: Home Inspection For New Construction

You Have a Unique Opportunity When Building A New House....

In this circumstance, a home inspector has the opportunity to see inside your walls as well as the finished product. Before the drywall is installed, it would be very beneficial to have the progress inspected in addition to a final inspection when the house is complete. This may seem like an unnecessary expense, however in the long run this could save you troubles and money.

According to ReMax Realty there are Four major reasons you need to have your new build inspected.

  1. A home inspection is different from the final walk-through with the builder. Unlike during a walk-through, a professional home inspector goes through your new property from top to bottom before the final walk-through and provides a written report detailing any problems that may have been overlooked by tradespeople.
  2. A home inspector provides an impartial, expert report: when the buyer already has a list of things that need attention, the information can be clearly related to the contractor during the final walkthrough.
  3. Mistakes can happen, and inspectors often find them
  4. A home inspection can save you headaches. Buyers may assume if their property is covered under a residential construction warranty, they don’t have to worry if something goes wrong once they move in. However, it’s always easier for the buyer and the contractor to carry out corrective work while the workers are still on site.

Don't just take our word for it. Check out this 5 star google review from a satisfied client who built a new home inspected with Tri County. New Home Build Benefits With Inspection

One Year Walk Through

Your new home is built but it's not the end of home inspections. When building a new home you may also have a final walk through one year later. This is another opportunity to have a professional assure your home does not have any issues from being built.


From Mike Vakos, owner and head home inspector:

In today's video I wanted to talk to you about new home construction, specifically your one year walkthrough.  So I was hired to do a walk through before their one year with the builder. It's always a good time to do that because a fresh set of eyes can see things you can't and then we provide you with a super detailed Report with a couple hundred pictures for your records and sometimes that's nice just to give to the Builder. So it kind of gets you off the hook. You give them the

Home Inspection on a New Construction: Missing Insulation

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Don't let the builder convince you that their final walk through is the same as a home inspection. If you're buying a new construction home, call Tri-County Inspections for the most affordable new home inspection with multiple home inspection discounts.

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