Lite Home Inspections: Ideal for Investors, Renovators and Flippers

In order to accommodate the out of town investor or experienced house-flipper, Tri-County Inspections offers a Lite Inspection, or Investment Inspection - home inspection for investment property, with limited scope - perfect for the investor or buyer that plans on a major renovation.

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Buying an Investment Property In Greater Cleveland / Akron Area?

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A typical home inspection is a two to four hour, comprehensive visual inspection - equipped with tools to detect moisture, water temperature, electric current and more. These intense inspections culminate in a thorough report with documented analysis of the condition of all the home's components - as detailed as faucets and door stops, to outlets and windows.  Typical reports are 100+ pages which include over 175+ high quality pictures and video.  Although these home inspection reports give home buyers the confidence about the home they are buying - an investor or flipper is usually gutting a home, planning on minor or major renovations and replacing or updating several components in the house or building.

Lite Inspections Give Investors Confidence 

At Tri-County Inspections we hear from a lot of investors that are looking to make bids on houses that are repossessed, bank-owned or currently rented. The condition of the property may be already run-down or neglected and the investor wants to know, without seeing the home, how much money it would take to turn a certain profit. With our Lite Inspection we provide an abbreviated inspection at a lower cost to give investors the confidence they need to move forward - or the insight they need to move on.  We understand it may take several inspections to find the right property so we are happy to offer a reduced price inspections that still gives investors the confidence they need to make an informed decision.

Licensed Home Inspector

Mike Vakos is a licensed home inspector, certified and trained to exceed the highest industry standards.  He prides himself on providing you with quick, convenient and relevant home inspections.  We also carry professional Errors & Omissions insurance, and we are certified (Gold Standard) members of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI).

In addition, Mike has owns rental property himself and has managed or owned several rental units in Cleveland and surrounding suburbs.  As an investor himself, he has first hand knowledge of what to look for and what may be "DEAL KILLERS".

During our Lite Home Inspection (Investor Inspection), we will inspect an abbreviated list of the homes major components.  This type of report typically includes 100+ color photos with report delivery within 24 hours or less.  The scope will be limited to:

  • Roof
  • Foundation
  • Flooring Structure
  • Heating/Cooling System
  • Water Heater(s)
  • Electrical Panel(s)
  • Attic

ITEMS NOT INSPECTED AS PART OF A LITE INSPECTION:  Individual outlets, GFCI outlets, plumbing fixtures and faucets, operation and condition of doors and windows, siding condition, maintenance items (such as peeling paint, caulking etc), kitchen appliances, washers and dryers, ceiling fans, driveway and walkway conditions etc.

All items listed above will be excluded from inspection and report. We will NOT test for the presence of radon, a harmful gas.  We will NOT test for mold but will do a visual check for visible mold and comment accordingly.

We will not test for compliance with applicable building codes or for the presence of or for any potential dangers arising from the presence of asbestos, lead paint, soil contamination, or other environmental hazards or violations.

Although these services can be purchased as add-ons, they will not be included in the Lite Inspection.

Sample Reports

Want to see a preview of the type of report you will receive with your service?

  • Home Inspection Report
  • Lite Inspection Report
  • Radon Report
  • Mold Report

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Tri-County Inspections home inspectors deliver everything from thorough home inspections with radon testing, mold testing and septic testing add-ons to brief walk-through inspections across ten Ohio counties including: Lorain CountyCuyahoga CountyLake CountyMedina CountySummit County, Wayne CountyHolmes CountyGeauga CountyPortage County, and Stark County. We are also the Cleveland landlords' choice for lead inspection services.

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