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The home inspectors at Tri-County Inspections has been providing home inspections for sellers throughout Cuyahoga, Lorain and Medina counties since 2001.  Today, we offer inspection services in over 10 counties throughout Northeast Ohio. 

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Selling a Home In Ohio?

List with confidence. Uncover any concerns that might compromise a sale with a thorough pre-listing home inspection.

When you are thinking about selling your home, it's important to know what a potential buyer may be looking for.  Having something come up at the inspection, could be a "deal killer" for a potential buyer.  At Tri-County Inspections, we offer a Pre-Listing Inspection which reviews and inspects over 400+ components in the house.

If our home inspectors find something of concern, we will discuss the different option you may have that way you can make a educated decision as to how to proceed with a repair or maybe reduce your price slightly.  There's nothing worse than to have a pending contract fall apart due to an unforeseen issue.

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Pre-Listing Sample Report

Click this report to see our sample Pre-Listing Sample Report.

Reduce Stress, Save Money and Sell Faster for More with a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

There are many benefits to getting a pre-listing home inspection, or a home inspection that is ordered by a potential seller when they're thinking about selling their home. Below are links to blog posts that cover these benefits in more detail including reducing stress during the home selling process, saving money when selling your home and selling your home faster and for more. Click on the blog links below to read more and contact us to join the over 25% of sellers that order pre-listing home inspections before they meet with a real estate agent.

Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Sell Faster and Sell for More With a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

..when a seller has already provided the pre-listing home inspection report, buyers are more confident bidding aggressively. The seller has either made the repairs listed in the inspection, another way a pre-listing inspection saves money, or the seller has secured three quotes for the repairs from reputable contractors, so that the buyers can budget accordingly...

Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Reduce Stress with a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Every home has "issues" that will show up on a home inspection report. Even new construction homes will have mention of areas to improve - read Do I Need a Home Inspection for a New Construction Home. A pre-listing home inspection allows the seller to uncover any surprises on their own terms, reducing stress and allowing for more control of the process.

Pre-Listing Home Inspector

Save Money With a Pre-Listing Home Inspection Before You Sell

... a pre-listing home inspection ... to get ahead of potential repairs which not only make their home more appealing to the potential buyers, but they can now be listed as "upgrades." ... the seller is choosing their own contractors and can save money by pricing out various contractors and different materials. When the repairs are found by the buyer instead, the buyer dictates the contractor but on the seller's dime - in many cases getting estimates that are higher than necessary - costing the seller more money.

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Tri-County Inspections home inspectors deliver everything from thorough home inspections with radon testing, mold testing and septic testing add-ons to brief walk-through inspections across ten Ohio counties including: Lorain CountyCuyahoga CountyLake CountyMedina CountySummit County, Wayne CountyHolmes CountyGeauga CountyPortage County, and Stark County. We are also the Cleveland landlords' choice for lead inspection services.

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