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So how much does a home inspection in the Cleveland area cost? At Tri-County Home Inspections we pride ourselves on providing affordable home inspections - thorough home inspections at a low cost, rather than cheap.  With our "Best Price Guarantee", we will match or beat any Cleveland area home inspector's price.  

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We Provide Affordable Home Inspections in Cleveland/Akron Area

At Tri-County Home Inspections we pride ourselves on providing low cost, affordable, home inspections.  We wouldn't call them cheap home inspections because our home inspectors are licensed, use all the latest testing tools, spend hours on each home inspection and follow-up the in-person inspection with a detailed home inspection report packed with comments and pictures.

A "cheap home inspection" would be a guy in a golf shirt and flip flops showing up with a yellow notepad, doing a 20 minute once-over, taking your check and handing you his scribbled notes. Believe us, we have heard from real estate agents that these cheap home inspections exist, and they' may not even be the lowest priced!

Our mission is to build a business on delivering a quality home inspection at an affordable price. This way we'll get more business from referrals and relationships with real estate professionals. So rather than make as much as we can off each home inspection, we get more business by being priced right. Luckily, this approach saves thousands in advertising costs and we pass that savings back to our customers with low cost inspections.

Condo / Townhouse


  • Up to 2,500 sq. ft.
  • $10 per 500 sq. ft. over 2,500 sq. ft.
Single Family Home


  • Up to 2,500 sq. ft.
  • $10 per 500 sq. ft. over 2,500 sq. ft.
Multi-Family Homes


  • Up to 2,500 sq. ft.
  • $100 per additional unit
Stand-Alone Radon Test


  • Stand-alone Radon Test
  • No Home Inspection

Home Inspection Add-Ons

Radon Test


  • Completed with home inspection
Mold Test Air Sample


  • Completed with home inspection
  • Mold test includes control + 1 room
  • $125 per additional room
Septic Inspection Flow Test


  • Completed with home inspection

Lowest Priced Home Inspections in Northeast Ohio

Home Advisor states that an average home inspection of a condo or home under 2000 square feet costs around $315 while homes over 2,000 square feet costing over $400.  North Ohio Property Inspection, a fellow home inspection company in Medina, lists their costs between $350-450 on their website. At Tri-County Home Inspections we not only have lower base prices than most other inspection companies in Northeast Ohio (Cleveland / Akron / Canton area), we offer multiple discounts that reduce the inspection price even lower.

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Home Inspection Discounts:  At Tri-County Inspections our home inspections cost less while you get more - a quality, color, home inspection report with more pictures than you would expect.  Plus we are one of the only home inspection companies that regularly offers discounts for the following: Veterans, Military, Police, Fire, Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, Dentists, Realtors and Engineers and more!  When you schedule your inspection, let us know what you do for a living to see if you qualify for a home inspection discount.

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