Sewer Scope Inspection

You may know it as a sewer scope, a sewer scope inspection, a sewer drain video or a sewer line camera inspection. This inspection of your sewer lines, or a sewer scope, can save you thousands in damage and repairs.  A sewer scope can be added to a scheduled home inspection, or ordered by itself.  The video of your sewer lines or storm drains will reveal any damage to be concerned about.

Learn more about what's involved with our sewer scope and how this home inspection service can alert you to necessary expensive sewer line repairs so that you can negotiate with a seller or plan your budget.

How Much Does Sewer and Drain Scoping Cost?

Sewer Scope Inspection
sewer scope

Sewer line camera inspection that provides pictures of detailed video from the sewer scope traveling from the home to where the private sewer lines connect to the public sewer.

Storm Scope Inspection
storm drain scope

The storm drain scope is for gutters that go underground and tie into the storm drain system.

Sewer & Storm Scope
sewer/storm combo

Combine sewer and storm drain scope to get a detailed look at all your private drain lines going to the public sewer and save.

What Part of the Sewer Pipes are the Homeowner's Responsibility?

A great article in a local Cleveland area magazine explains the homeowner's role in maintaining the city's sewer system:

A typical home has two “service laterals,” which are small sewer pipes – generally six inches in diameter – that connect to the public sewer lines. One service lateral connects to the sanitary sewer and the other to the storm sewer.

Property owners are responsible for maintaining their service laterals up to the “test tee, AND INCLUDING THE TEST TEE” which is the point at which the private sewer meets the public sewer. The City maintains the laterals from the test tee to the main sewer in the street

Unless they’ve been replaced, a typical home has service laterals made of clay pipe, which are easily penetrated by tree roots. The City recommends homeowners clean their laterals every three to five years. If roots are present, laterals should be cleaned annually.

In a recent post "Is a Sewer Scope Inspection Worth It?," we review how when these lines break or get backed-up, repairing sewer lines is an expensive project. As a new home buyer it can be critical to uncover what's in the sewer drains before you buy.

There are several causes of sewer line blockage and damage including:

• tree roots
ground settling shifts the soil around the pipe and breaks the pipe - from increased traffic, like construction, or typical shifts and ground settling
• older pipes corrode and collapse
• joints where pipes connect can erode and allow water and sewage seepage that can break sections of pipe
• sewer lines can sag with unfavorable soil conditions causing the pipe to bow which will result in continuous blockage
• grease, fats and debris cause many sewer line issues and clogged lines

Why Get a Sewer Scope?

Sewer & Storm Drain Scope Inspections

An often overlooked step in the home buying process is getting a sewer scope performed before signing on the dotted line. Although an extra expense upfront, having a professional inspect drained pipes and underground sewers can save thousands down the road if issues are discovered early on.

In our blog post "Why Add a Sewer Scope Inspection to Your Home Inspection?" we cover the benefits of a sewer scope as well as the cases where a sewer scope should be a high priority. Many home buyers don't realize that the section of sewer drains and storm water waste lines  that run from the home to the public sewer and storm drains are the responsibility of the home owner.  That means any bowed lines, roots in the drain line, corrosion and any other clogs or issues moving the waste water and storm water to the public sewer main or storm sewer main could be an expensive repair to the home buyer.

Watch Our Videos to See Sewer Scopes Performed by Tri-County Inspections

Is a Sewer Scope Inspection Worth It?

Is a Sewer Scope Inspection Worth It?

You're buying a house and getting hit up for all kinds of inspections - a home inspection, a radon inspection, a pest inspection and now a sewer scope inspection?!? So how do you figure out if a sewer scope is worth it? In this video Mike Vakos shows us a sewer scope inspection that reveals... Continue reading

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