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If you are buying a single-family home, multi-family home, second home, commercial building or rental property in Wayne County, Ohio you will likely want to have a thorough home inspection report before deciding on your final purchase price. The home inspectors of Tri-County Inspections provide detailed home inspection reports including septic flow testing, radon inspections and testing for mold. Our reports detail important aspects of the property you may be buying. In every real estate transaction it's critical to know if there is deferred maintenance on your Wayne County property and how much it may cost to repair.  All buildings need regular maintenance and repair so with a detailed home inspection report you can anticipate when those repairs will likely be needed for the Wayne County property you are purchasing.  In many cases the buyer and seller can continue agreeable negotiations once a thorough inspection is completed.

The home inspectors at Tri-County Inspections are easy to work with, professional, qualified and provide superior customer service. A Tri-County home inspection report is thorough and will be prepared quickly as not to hold up the real estate transaction process.

To request a home inspection, call our office at 440-348-0020 or click the button below.

Why Tri-County Inspections?

Our home inspectors have experience in the entire Cleveland / Akron / Canton area of providing low-cost and detailed home inspection reports quickly and efficiently so that buyers, sellers and real estate professionals have the information to make well-informed decisions. It's our low cost home inspections at high quality with fast turn times and customer service that make Tri-County Inspections the choice of Wayne County Realtors.

Quality Home Inspection Reports

Every home has maintenance needs and our home inspection report will simply let the buyer know when repairs are necessary and when some maintenance has been deferred. Our home inspectors take the time to thoroughly evaluate your home for safety, structural, and mechanical soundness without alarming the buyer.

Convenient in Wayne County

We know that you’re busy and that your time is important. Buying a house, selling a house and being a real estate professional is time consuming so, when it comes down to scheduling a home inspection of any Wayne County home, we work with you and your schedule. We are dedicated to providing you with the five-star customer service you deserve. Our home inspectors go the extra mile to communicate about home inspections in a manner that is easily understood, and we strive to be helpful, knowledgeable and sensitive to the importance of your real estate transaction.

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