Save Money With a Pre-Listing Home Inspection Before you Sell

Thinking about selling your home? Wondering if it needs updates? How will the house stand-up to the home inspection process…

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Save Money With a Pre-Listing Home Inspection Before you Sell

Thinking about selling your home? Wondering if it needs updates? How will the house stand-up to the home inspection process when you have a buyer?  Will they want a radon inspection? Mold inspection? Are there items that the buyer will demand be updated or repaired as a condition of purchase or will they re-negotiate expecting a seller credit to make repairs that come up in the home inspection? A pre-listing home inspection, is the best way to get many of these questions answered, reduce stress AND save money!

What is a Pre-Listing Home Inspection?

A pre-listing home inspection is just that - a home inspection purchased by a potential seller, before listing the home for sale, to see the home from a home inspectors viewpoint, identify things that may come up as in "poor condition" or "in need of repair," and generally use it to figure out what repairs to make before listing the home. Not only can a pre-listing home inspection reduce stress, it can also contribute to selling faster, getting higher offers, getting multiple offers and saving money.

How Can a Pre-Listing Home Inspection Save the Seller Money?

In "Doing This One Thing Before Putting Your Home on the Market Can Help it Sell Faster," the author lists multiple benefits of pre-listing home inspections. From our experience, most sellers get pre-listing home inspections to get ahead of potential repairs.  Not only can making these repairs make the home more appealing to buyers, but repairs can be marketed as "recent upgrades" when listing the home. In addition, when making the repairs, or doing the upgrades, the seller is choosing their own contractors and can save money by pricing out various contractors and different materials. When the repairs are found by the buyer instead, the buyer dictates the contractor but on the seller's dime - in many cases getting estimates that are higher than necessary - costing the seller more money.

At Tri-County Inspections we frequently perform pre-listing home inspections and have had sellers use our thorough reports as a marketing tool, listing the repairs, or upgrades they have done, presenting receipts for work and presenting a full package to potential buyers that this house is top quality - not only do they save money by doing repairs themselves and choosing reasonably priced contractors but they get higher offers and attract multiple buyers. So call Tri-County Inspections today to find out about our inspection discounts and schedule your pre-listing home inspection.

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