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In this video, Mike Vakos from Tri County Inspections is completing an inspection with chimney issues. He takes us through the exterior inspection of a house, focusing particularly on a masonry chimney. As he begins, he points out the noticeable issue with the chimney pulling apart from the house—a clear sign of structural concern. Mike […]

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North Ridgeville Home Inspector

In a recent video by Mike Vakos of Tri County Inspections, the spotlight was on the significance of new construction and pre-drywall inspections in the home building process. Mike, a seasoned professional in the realm of home inspections, sheds light on a common misconception among homeowners. That  the is belief that a brand-new house doesn’t

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Are GFCI Outlets Required in Basements

Are you familiar with GFCI outlets? Mike Vakos from Tri-County Inspections sheds light on their significance in today’s blog post. In a recent video, Mike emphasizes the importance of GFCI outlets, also known as Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters, commonly encountered during home inspections. These outlets play a crucial role in ensuring electrical safety, particularly in

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Prelisting Inspection reveals mold in attic

A prelisting home inspection from Tri County Home Inspections offers sellers invaluable insight into the condition of their property before it hits the market. These sellers, by engaging the expertise of a qualified home inspector, gained a comprehensive understanding of any underlying issues or potential concerns within their home. As it turns out, their home

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Avon Home Inspector

In this circumstance, a home inspector has the opportunity to see inside your walls as well as the finished product. Before the drywall is installed, it would be very beneficial to have the progress inspected in addition to a final inspection when the house is complete. This may seem like an unnecessary expense, however in

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Do you need a home inspection for new construction? yes!

Yes. It is worth every penny to get a home inspection on your new construction home. No doubt. As we posted a few years ago in “Do I Need a Home Inspection for a New Construction Home?” and as Realtor.com published in Should You Hire a Home Inspector for a New House? you do not

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Pushmatic Electric panel in Home Inspection

The Pushmatic electric panel with the Bulldog brand can be found in homes today and dates back to the 1950’s through the 1960’s. There has never been an actual recall of the Pushmatic, however it is known that over time they can become very stiff and difficult to operate or reset. This results in the

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Can I Clean a Rusty Electrical Panel?

No. Many new home buyers may see a rusty electrical panel and think the house is “about to blow”. It is not.  And as home inspectors we spend extra time explaining to new home owners that every house has issues. Our job is to figure out which issues you want to take care of immediately

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cancel home inspection rain

If you’re buying a home from a private seller you could be subject to any litany of strange dealings, and canceling a home inspection is a HUGE red flag.  Why would anyone cancel a home inspection? At the time of this blog post the market in Cleveland is considered a “sellers market” with 64% of

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What Does a Drone Roof Inspection Cost?

According to Forbes Home, a drone roof inspection can cost between $150-400. So why does Tri-County Inspections include a free drone roof inspection with your standard home inspection?  During our general home inspection Mike and his team inspect more than 400 items and provide 200+ color photos across several categories including, but not limited to: •

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