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crawl space Inspection

In a recent video, Mike Vakos from Tri County Inspections delves into the often overlooked but crucial aspect of home inspections: the crawl space inspection. While basements and slab foundations are more straightforward to assess, crawl spaces present unique challenges that require a trained eye and a willingness to get a little dirty. The Unseen […]

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Cleveland Home Inspector

In this video, Mike Vakos from Tri County Inspections is completing an inspection with chimney issues. He takes us through the exterior inspection of a house, focusing particularly on a masonry chimney. As he begins, he points out the noticeable issue with the chimney pulling apart from the house—a clear sign of structural concern. Mike

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Avon Home Inspector

Hey there, home enthusiasts! It’s Mike Vakos from Tri-County Inspections, and I’ve got a new inspection video to share with you today. Picture this: rolling hills, scenic vistas, and the charm of rural Ohio. Now, add a dash of uniqueness to the scene—an Amish built home inspection. In the heart of this picturesque landscape, I

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Cleveland Home Inspection

What do you know about garage doors? Well if you don’t know everything there is to know about them Mike Vakos from Tri-County Inspections provides some insight from a recent inspection and blog post. In a recent video recorded by Mike Vakos of Tri County Inspections, the focus was on the often-overlooked yet crucial aspect of

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Cleveland Mold Inspector

In today’s discussion, we’re delving into the often misunderstood topic of mold. Mold is a concern for many homeowners, prompting questions and requests for specialized inspections. Join us as Mike Vakos, a seasoned home inspector from Tri-County Inspections, sheds light on this pervasive issue. As Mike begins his inspection at a property in Cleveland, he

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North Ridgeville Home Inspector

In a recent video by Mike Vakos of Tri County Inspections, the spotlight was on the significance of new construction and pre-drywall inspections in the home building process. Mike, a seasoned professional in the realm of home inspections, sheds light on a common misconception among homeowners. That  the is belief that a brand-new house doesn’t

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Are GFCI Outlets Required in Basements

Are you familiar with GFCI outlets? Mike Vakos from Tri-County Inspections sheds light on their significance in today’s blog post. In a recent video, Mike emphasizes the importance of GFCI outlets, also known as Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters, commonly encountered during home inspections. These outlets play a crucial role in ensuring electrical safety, particularly in

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Cleveland Flip Home Inspection

Plumbing issues are one of those things you do not want to uncover in your newly purchased home. Honestly, no homebuyer wants to uncover any issues at all after purchasing a new home. Flipped homes specifically may call for greater attention to the details. How can you avoid the headaches of costly plumbing repairs or

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Clevelnad Home Inspection

A Home Inspection can be an invaluable tool when buying a new home.  That is especially true when your “new home” is an “old home.” Most buyers are not equipped with the knowledge about what “red flags” to look for in older homes. That’s where you should leave it to the professionals. Mike at Tri-County

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Cleveland Home Inspector

Have you found yourself wanting to buy a freshly flipped and renovated home? While the “newness” and upgrades of the home may be very appealing, don’t get caught overlooking possible major mistakes. When a home is flipped or renovated to sell there is usually an aggressive timeline to finish it and get it sold. But,

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