Cleveland Home Inspection Reveals Galvanized Pipe Problem

A Home Inspection can be an invaluable tool when buying a new home.  That is especially true when your “new home” is an “old home.” Most buyers are not equipped…

Clevelnad Home Inspection

Cleveland Home Inspection Reveals Galvanized Pipe Problem

A Home Inspection: An Invaluable Tool

A Home Inspection can be an invaluable tool when buying a new home.  That is especially true when your "new home" is an "old home." Most buyers are not equipped with the knowledge about what "red flags" to look for in older homes. That's where you should leave it to the professionals. Mike at Tri-County Inspections is an experienced and licensed home inspector serving all ten counties in the greater Cleveland area. As the owner and lead inspector he has completed over 1,000 home inspections. He genuinely loves to help buyers in their journey to owning a new home and even further understanding that new home.

An old home can come with an array of hidden problems merely from its age. If you don't catch some of these issues you may be stuck with the costly repair and updates of some major features. Galvanized pipes for example were a staple in all homes starting in around 1960. While they were a good choice for about 30 or 40 years, after that some major issues start to become evident. Some of these issues you would not want to deal with in your new home would be: rust build-up, low pressure and leaks, and health risks. This is just another reason you need a trusted home inspector on your side.

Cleveland Home Inspector

From Mike Vakos, owner and head home inspector:

  "...In today's video real quick I wanted to talk to you about older homes with galvanized pipe and plumbing. So I'm in a house here in Cleveland and a lot of the plumbing has been updated but just to show you what old galvanized pipes do look like in case you have them in your home. That's an old galvanized pipe right there and right there so that's where you're drinking water would come from if you still have galvanized pipes in your house. But, as you can see you probably don't want to be drinking a lot of that water with all that rust and stuff in there. So, anyways if you have an older house it's good to know. I would definitely check to see if you have like the silver galvanized pipe or copper or Peg or cpbc. Whatever it might be but definitely if it's galvanized I would suggest getting that replaced and updated because as you can see it does corrode quite a bit. So (anyways) that's my inspection tip of the day one more reason to get a home inspection might."

Cleveland Home Inspection Finds Galvanized Pipes

Cleveland Home Inspection

Buying a home is possibly one of the biggest purchases you will make in your life. You should have the confidence and assurance to make that purchase. A quality home inspection equips you with just that. In addition to our thorough standard home inspection we offer many add ons that could be just what you need when purchasing an older home. Some of the add ons we can complete are: Mold, Lead Testing, and Radon Testing. Buying an older home doesn't have to be like "opening a can of worms." Our detailed home inspections cover over 400 major details of a home top to bottom and inside and out.

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