Cleveland Home Inspection Finds Broken Spring on Garage Door

What do you know about garage doors? Well if you don’t know everything there is to know about them Mike Vakos from Tri-County Inspections provides some insight from a recent inspection…

Cleveland Home Inspection

Cleveland Home Inspection Finds Broken Spring on Garage Door

Cleveland Garage Door Inspection

What do you know about garage doors? Well if you don't know everything there is to know about them Mike Vakos from Tri-County Inspections provides some insight from a recent inspection and blog post.

In a recent video recorded by Mike Vakos of Tri County Inspections, the focus was on the often-overlooked yet crucial aspect of home inspections: garage door inspections. As a seasoned professional in the realm of home inspections, Mike highlights the significance of thorough assessments of garage doors and their associated hardware to ensure safety and functionality for homeowners.

"Hey guys, Mike here from Tri County Inspections, and in today's video, real quick, I want to talk to you about garage doors, overhead doors, and the associated hardware," Mike begins, diving straight into the topic at hand.

During a typical home inspection, among numerous other checks, garage door inspections are a vital component. Mike emphasizes the importance of examining not only the garage door opener but also the hardware and any associated components. "One of the things that we do as part of your general home inspection is check your garage door opener, check the hardware, check any associated components with it," Mike explains.

As he conducts an inspection, Mike points out a critical issue—a broken safety spring. He underscores the significance of this component, explaining that without it, lifting the garage door becomes difficult and unsafe. "This spring right here is broken, so you can't really lift this door because you're lifting the pure weight of it, and it's also a tension spring," Mike observes, highlighting the potential hazards associated with a malfunctioning garage door.

Revealing Issues in a Thorough Inspection

Moreover, Mike emphasizes the importance of thorough inspections, noting that certain issues may not be immediately visible. "Sometimes if the garage door is open, you can't actually see that, so you have to actually come into the garage, shut the door, look up at the spring," he advises, stressing the need for meticulous attention to detail during inspections.

In conclusion, Mike reiterates the value of home inspections conducted by Tri County Inspections, emphasizing that ensuring the safety and functionality of garage doors is just one of the many aspects covered during their assessments. "So if you're in need of a home inspection, Tri County Inspections is here for you," Mike affirms, encapsulating the dedication of his team to providing comprehensive and thorough inspections for homeowners.

In essence, garage door inspections are not to be overlooked in the realm of home inspections. As Mike Vakos aptly demonstrates, addressing issues with garage doors and their associated hardware is essential for maintaining safety, functionality, and peace of mind for homeowners.

So, whether you're buying a new home or simply seeking reassurance about the safety of your current property, remember the importance of garage door inspections—and consider Tri County Inspections for your home inspection needs. After all, as Mike concludes, it's just one more reason to prioritize the safety and integrity of your home.

From Mike Vakos, owner and head home inspector:

" today's video real quick I want to talk to you about garage doors overhead doors and the associated Hardware so I'm in an inspection here and uh you know we one of the things that we do as part of your general home inspection among lots of other things is check your garage door opener check the hardware check any Associated components with it so obviously I'm in a garage door is not working it's disconnected but then if you look here which is an important piece of it it's the safety spring this spring right here is broken so you can't really lift this store cuz you're lifting the pure weight of it and it's also uh tension spring so definitely that would have to get replaced um and these are just one of the things we look for sometimes if the garage door is open you can't actually see that so you have to actually come into the garage shut the door look up at the spring so anyways that's one of the many things we look for when inspecting a home so if you're in need of a home inspection try County inspections one more reason to get a home inspection have a great day..."

Cleveland Garage Door Inspection

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