Black Mold? Can a Home Inspector Tell?

In today’s discussion, we’re delving into the often misunderstood topic of mold. Mold is a concern for many homeowners, prompting questions and requests for specialized inspections. Join us as Mike…

Cleveland Mold Inspector

Black Mold? Can a Home Inspector Tell?

Got Mold? Insights from a Home Inspection Expert

In today's discussion, we're delving into the often misunderstood topic of mold. Mold is a concern for many homeowners, prompting questions and requests for specialized inspections. Join us as Mike Vakos, a seasoned home inspector from Tri-County Inspections, sheds light on this pervasive issue.

As Mike begins his inspection at a property in Cleveland, he encounters a common scenario: signs of moisture seeping into the garage walls and floor. Amidst this, he emphasizes the importance of understanding mold's varied appearances. "When you look up here," Mike points out, "people often ask, 'Is it black mold?' The truth is, you can't determine that without proper testing."

There's Mold, What Now?

The term "black mold" often elicits alarm, yet Mike urges caution against jumping to conclusions based solely on color. He stresses, "Just because it's dark and black doesn't automatically mean it's the infamous black mold." Instead, he advocates for a proactive approach: treat all mold with equal seriousness.

In his thorough reports, Mike highlights any discoloration resembling mold and recommends further laboratory analysis for accurate identification. "There are hundreds of types of mold spores," he explains. "Testing is the only way to definitively identify the type." However, regardless of the specific strain, Mike's advice remains consistent: address the issue promptly and comprehensively.

Visual cues offer some insights into mold's presence. Mike describes the appearance of mold on the ceiling as "greenish-blackish discoloration." This variation in color underscores the need for professional assessment. He reiterates, "The best way to handle mold is to treat it uniformly. Mitigate the issue, identify the source, and rectify it promptly."

Mike's parting tip encapsulates the essence of responsible homeownership: "Treat all mold the same. Whether it's black mold or any other type, don't delay in addressing it." By emphasizing proactive measures, Mike empowers homeowners to safeguard their properties against mold-related concerns.

From Mike Vakos, owner and head home inspector:

..."in today's video I wanted to talk to you about mold. So we get that question asked to us by a lot of people who always want to request a mold inspection. So as part of our general home inspection we do do a visual check for mold. I'm here at a property in Cleveland. I'm in the garage and obviously you can see there's some moisture you know seeping in through the floor and the walls. Mold looks like this, so you know when you look up here you know people say it is black mold but you don't know that unless you actually test it. In our report we basically note the discoloration that appears to be a mold like substance, but the only way for us to actually determine if it's mold and what kind it is, is to send it off to a lab. Just because it's dark and it's black doesn't mean it's black mold necessarily. You'd have to test it; but either way what I always recommend is: treat it the same so whether it's black mold any other kind of household mold treat it the same. Get it done, get it mitigated, make sure the source of the problem's corrected and it's all the same. So this is what it looks like when you have mold in the ceiling it's a greenish blackish discoloration and there's hundreds of types of mold spores. The only way to actually know is to test it but like I said best way to handle it is just treat it like a mold;  take care of it mitigate it find the source fix it and be done with it. That's my inspection tip for the day. Mike with Tri-County inspections...that's one more reason to get an inspection."

Cleveland Inspection Reveals Mold

It is known that mold remains a pervasive issue in many homes, yet it need not be shrouded in mystery. With insights from experts like Mike Vakos, homeowners can navigate mold-related challenges with confidence. Remember, early detection and proactive mitigation are key to maintaining a healthy home environment.

For comprehensive inspections and expert guidance, trust Tri-County Inspections. Contact us today and gain peace of mind knowing your home is in capable hands.

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