Mold? IAQ Testing In Your Home Inspection

An “IAQ” test, or indoor air quality test can test the air in your home for harmful particles such as mold, allergens, and radon. If you suspect mold present, you…

Mold Testing Cleveland

Mold? IAQ Testing In Your Home Inspection

If Mold Present? You may need an Air Quality Test in Your Home Inspection

An "IAQ" test, or indoor air quality test can test the air in your home for harmful particles such as mold, allergens, and radon. If you suspect mold present, you may need and Air quality test. Testing the air is the first step in determining if your new home may have mold present.

At Tri-County Inspections, a home inspection company in the Cleveland area, we are experienced and ready to perform an air quality test in your prospective home. We can either give you the assurance that the air in your home is free of harmful mold spores, or we can help determine further measures to take if there are elevated mold spores found in the home. Mold is not easily noticeable in many circumstances and could be hiding in covered places. An IAQ test for mold may be needed to truly detect the mold hiding in a home. When buying a home, it is important to have a home inspector capable of detecting and dealing with Mold present in the home. The purpose of a home inspection is to make sure you can negotiate with the seller and prioritize your upcoming repairs based on your budget.

Mike Vakos at Tri-County Inspections is equipped to perform IAQ testing. He will use a vacuum pump with a cartridge that will suck in air for 5 minutes. The air can be taken from one room or multiple rooms depending on the needs of the homebuyer. After the air is pumped into the cartridge it is then sealed up and the air sample is sent to a lab to be analyzed. The lab will compare the interior air sample to an exterior sample to see if the spores are elevated. If there are elevated spores detected, further investigation would be needed to find the root cause.

This is just another reason why getting a home inspection can be so important when buying a new home. Don't let harmful problems pop up on you after purchasing a new home.

Mold Testing In Your Home Inspection

In this short video Cleveland home inspector, Mike Vakos, explains how an IAQ test for mold is performed. When setting up an indoor air quality test for mold in a Olmsted Township home inspection, Mike shows the equipment used and gives a brief description of how it works.  You can see that it is a simple process involving a third party for testing the air sample.  Without a IAQ test harmful mold spores could go undetected for some time. No one wants mold creeping in the walls, ceilings, or behind fixtures only to continue to grow and worsen. Can you imagine buying a home without knowing that something like that could be going on?

Just another reason to make sure you get a home inspection! And that the home inspector can provide a service like Mold testing.

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Mold Air Quality Test Olmsted Township Home Inspection

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At Tri-County Inspections our goal is to inform you in an honest, easy-to-understand, down-to-earth and friendly manner of things going on in the home we're inspecting. So whether we're inspecting a home before you sell it, a pre-listing home inspection, to prepare you for what buyers may uncover OR if we're doing an inspection of a home you're considering buying - we take the approach of giving you information to make your best decisions and likely save money in the long run.

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