Walk-Through Home Inspection

In these unusual market conditions, with a limited supply of houses available for buyers and multiple offers to compete with, we have had many new home buyers request a walk-through home inspection so we've added it to our list of home inspection services.

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Fealing Pressure to Waive the Home Inspection Contingency?

A Walk-Through Home Inspection Could Give You the Extra Confidence You Need

Although we do not recommend waiving a home inspection, and encourage all buyers to get home inspections before closing on their home, or worst case - before moving in to their home, we completely understand the logic behind waiving the inspection contingency. An alternative option, especially for new home buyers, is a walk-through inspection.  During a walk-through our licensed home inspector will perform a visual walk-through providing verbal commentary on our opinion of the home's condition.

Walk-Through Inspections Can Give Buyers Confidence in a Competitive Market

When the inventory of homes is so limited and buyers are competing over a limited supply, making offers on homes can become very competitive. Can you imagine paying $40,000 over listing price and waiving the home inspection? Unfortunately, that scenario has been playing out more often. As long as these conditions continue, having our home inspector walk through the home with you before making an offer can provide you with the extra confidence you need in this competitive market.

What's Included In A Walk-Through Home Inspection

  • Visual walk-through of the home providing verbal comments summarizing observations

What's Not Included

  • Testing of anything (HVAC, plumbing, windows, electricity)
  • Analysis of roof, foundation or any component of the home
  • Pictures, text or any reporting

A Walk-Through Inspection is Does Not Follow Any Inspection Guidelines or Protocols

A walk-through inspection is NOT a home inspection. It is referred to as an "inspection" but does not follow InterNACHI’s Standards of Practice or any state laws pertaining to home inspections. Our comments will be nothing more than a subjective summary of our initial observations during the walk-through. You may hire us to perform a home inspection or commercial property inspection by signing a separate agreement with us.

Sample Reports

Want to see a preview of the type of report you will receive with your service?

  • Home Inspection Report
  • Lite Inspection Report
  • Radon Report
  • Mold Report

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