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Is a Sewer Scope Inspection Worth It?

You’re buying a house and getting hit up for all kinds of inspections – a home inspection, a radon inspection, a pest inspection and now a sewer scope inspection?!? So how do you figure out if a sewer scope is worth it? In this video Mike Vakos shows us a sewer scope inspection that reveals […]

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Sewer Scope Inspection Cleveland

In this video Mike Vakos shows us what a sewer scope inspection is and why you might want one.  When you’re buying a home and deciding what to add on to your home inspection, what you add on is definitely a personal choice.  Just like a radon test, mold testing and other inspection services, how

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Cleveland Home Inspector

Do you have a property in poor condition? Are you looking at a property that is a total mess? Many home inspectors will turn down an inspection of a home with areas that could be toxic with mold, biohazards, animal waste, ect. Do not bypass an inspection because it is difficult to find an inspector;

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Avon Lake Home Inspection

Our home inspector, Mike Vakos, shows how soil and mulch built up against wooden siding can, and does, cause rotting wood. He explains what to look for in this Avon Lake Home Inspection. When you’re buying a home the last thing you’re looking at is the exterior soil and mulch and whether or not it

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Akron Home Inspection

In today’s market we know many homebuyers are considering forgoing the home inspection as they are trying to win in a multiple bid situation, and we understand. However, we can give you countless reasons why you should get a home inspection. Buying a home may prove to be your biggest investment and you do not want

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avon home inspector

Wondering if you should get a home inspection? Why should you get one and what is it for anyway? At Tri-County Inspections we’re regularly making videos of things that often come up in a home inspection.  We know buyers may be tempted to skip the home inspection in order to win a bid. Mike Vakos,

Mouse In Electrical Panel: Caught In Home Inspection Read More »

Cleveland is a sellers market, so why get a Cleveland home inspection? With homes selling so fast, you may be tempted to skip getting a home inspection, especially if you find yourself in a multiple bid situation. Check out this post, “Should I Waive the Home Inspection in a Seller’s Market to Win a Multiple

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Wondering if you really need a home inspection? What is the purpose of a home inspection and what are you likely to find? At Tri-County Inspections we regularly take videos of common issues like today’s topic of double tapped breakers. We know as buyers hope to come up with the best accepted offer, they may

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How important are gutters to  a detached garage? This may be a detail you could overlook without a qualified home inspector. Even your detached garage needs to have proper drainage of water in order to avoid damage over time. Standing water that is not directed away from a structure, in this case a garage, will

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Problematic Rolled Roofing Are you knowledgeable about flat roofs, their construction, and the materials used? If you said no, then you know a home inspection is really important when purchasing a new home. Therefore, if you can spot potential or present problems in a roof you can make an informed decision about the home you

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