Home Inspector Does “Gross”

Do you have a property in poor condition? Are you looking at a property that is a total mess? Many home inspectors will turn down an inspection of a home…

Cleveland Home Inspector

Home Inspector Does “Gross”

Home Inspector: Not Afraid to Take on "Gross"

Do you have a property in poor condition? Are you looking at a property that is a total mess? Many home inspectors will turn down an inspection of a home with areas that could be toxic with mold, biohazards, animal waste, ect. Do not bypass an inspection because it is difficult to find an inspector; Tri-County Inspections is not afraid to take on gross.

At Tri-County we have the equipment to keep our inspectors safe so that they can prepare a proper inspection of a house in unsanitary conditions.  As an owner of rental properties in Cleveland himself, Mike Vakos understands that renters can leave a property in a less than livable state and he's not afraid of "gross."  If you are an investor, renovator, or house flipper we can meet your home inspection needs with our Lite Home Inspection. As a home investor, you will already have plans to complete minor or major renovations, so we provide an abbreviated inspection at a lower cost to give investors the confidence they need to move forward - or the insight they need to move on.

Showing Up For Your Gross Home Inspection

In this short video Cleveland home inspector, Mike Vakos, explains how even a home in gross unsanitary conditions won't deter him from completing the job. He walks us through the basement of a house with obvious mold growth, cat feces everywhere and apparent water damage. He points out the safety precautions taken so that he can still complete a thorough inspection of the home.

Tri-County Inspections is equipped to perform many tests to ensure that harmful conditions either are or are not present in your potential property. MoldRadon Testing, and Lead Testing are just a few of the things that can be tested for in your home inspection.

Just another reason to make sure you get a home inspection! And that the home inspector can provide all the services you may need.

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Inspecting a Home in Gross Unsanitary Condition: We Can Do IT!

Cleveland Home Inspector Saves You Money

At Tri-County Inspections our goal is to inform you in an honest, easy-to-understand, down-to-earth and friendly manner of things going on in the home we're inspecting. So whether we're inspecting a home before you sell it, a pre-listing home inspection, to prepare you for what buyers may uncover OR if we're doing an inspection of a home you're considering buying - we take the approach of giving you information to make your best decisions and likely save money in the long run.

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