Home Inspection: Improper Gutter Placement = Wet Basement

We know many buyers are waiving the home inspection to win in a multiple-bid situation, and we get it. However, there are a hundred reasons why you want to get…

Gutters Cause Water in Basement

Home Inspection: Improper Gutter Placement = Wet Basement

Caught on Home Inspection: Bad Gutter Placement Causes Water in the Basement

We know many buyers are waiving the home inspection to win in a multiple-bid situation, and we get it. However, there are a hundred reasons why you want to get a home inspection before you move in. A home inspection can definitely be used as leverage to negotiate in a less competitive market, but that's not the only reason to get a home inspection! Check out our past posts that include videos of simple, but important, issues caught in a home inspection:

Mike Vakos, owner and lead home inspector of Tri-County Inspections, has started adding quick videos to the Tri-County YouTube Channel to put in perspective the importance of getting the home inspection after winning the offer with the seller and before moving in.  In these videos Mike discovers some carpenter bees - a quick and easy fix that if gone unchecked can lead to major wood rot and potential structural issues depending on how long the infestation is left unaddressed and where it is. In another video he discovers a cause of mold - it's another easy fix with proper ventilation that will correct the issue and eliminate the mold before it becomes a hazard.  And the third video exposes an electrical issue that, if left uncorrected, could contribute to a fire.  All three videos are not costly to fix but could be costly to ignore.

Home Inspection Catches Issue Causing Wet Basement

In this video Mike points out some issues that can contribute to water in the basement. Many home buyers see a wet basement during a home inspection and freak out. They jump to fears of structural issues with the home's foundation or the need for an expensive water-proofing project. In this video Mike explains that if a home owner has improperly placed the gutters, the downspout or the pitch around the home is not letting gravity pull the water away from the house, it can lead to a wet basement. Knowing this before you move in can save you from paying a basement water-proofing company or engaging with a structural engineer. In this case, an affordable home inspection can save tens of thousands of dollars to the new home owner!

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