Cleveland Home Inspection Helps Catch Expensive Plumbing Leaks

Cleveland is a sellers market, so why get a Cleveland home inspection? declares “Cleveland, OH is a seller’s market … which means that there are more people looking to…

Home Inspector in Cleveland

Cleveland Home Inspection Helps Catch Expensive Plumbing Leaks

Common Question: Why Get a Home Inspection in Cleveland?

Cleveland is a sellers market, so why get a Cleveland home inspection? declares "Cleveland, OH is a seller's market ... which means that there are more people looking to buy than there are homes available." Cleveland home buyers  could worry getting a home inspection could hurt their chances of buying a home - especially in a multiple bid situation. Read "Should I Waive the Home Inspection in a Seller’s Market to Win a Multiple Bid Situation?"  Mike Vakos, owner and lead home inspector at Tri-County Inspections began making short videos to help new home buyers understand the types of preventative maintenance you can uncover on a home inspection, like this corroded shut-off valve found at this Cleveland home inspection.

Cleveland Home Inspection Saves Home Buyers Money

If you read past posts, and watch Tri-County Inspections videos, you will see that in What to do About Two Prong Outlets we advise on the least expensive option - saving the home buyers thousands! In Home Inspection Reveals Hidden Access Panel investigating an access panel the home buyer may not have found could also uncover potential expenses. In Home Inspection: Improper Gutter Placement = Wet Basement, Tri-County explains how proper pitch and gutter placement could be much less expensive than waterproofing a basement and in One Reason to Get a Home Inspection: Find Causes of Mold, a home inspection reveals early signs of mold  - when repairs can be inexpensive and save the home buyer from costly mold remediation down the road.

Cleveland Home Inspector Points Out Corroded Shut-Off Valve

A new home buyer is not likely to look at a home they want to buy with the most unbiased and analytical lens - that's where the home inspector becomes so important. In this home inspection we found a very simple, corroded shut-off valve - an easy replacement that if left alone could malfunction and contribute to an expensive plumbing repair. Replacing worn valves before they fail will save this Cleveland home owner time and money on future plumbing repairs.

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