This Would Kill You! Live Electric Wires By Water.

It’s not often I hear of something found in an inspection that alarms me, but I recently watched a video…

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This Would Kill You! Live Electric Wires By Water.

It’s not often I hear of something found in an inspection that alarms me, but I recently watched a video of an inspector entitled “This would kill you” that caught my attention. The video showed something he found on an inspection so dangerous it’s amazing someone had not been killed.

Tom Munro, an inspector up in Vancouver, British Columbia, was recently doing an inspection on a home with a pool. As he stated in a video he loaded to this video on Youtube, “I found something incredibly dangerous.” In the shed that housed the pool pump and electrical supplies he points out a live wire hanging down next to the breaker box. As the inspector points out, “…can you imagine if one of the children had jumped out of the pool because the pump stopped working or the lights in the pool stopped working and they stepped into that room (where the breaker box is housed) with their bare, wet feet and touched that live wire? They would have been seriously electrocuted.”

Stories like this remind me, we should never assume a house is probably fine, you never know. While most homes I inspect have minor issues, each one has the potential of discovering something that could be deadly. This inspector’s story showed us that was the case that day. Have questions about something that might concern you about a home? Feel free to reach out. I’m always happy to answer questions.

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