First Time Home Buyer Gives 5 stars For Quality Inspection

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness Mike Vakos was able to come out on short notice and do a home inspection. As a first time homebuyer he was very helpful and knowledgeable…

First time home buyer Inspection Review

First Time Home Buyer Gives 5 stars For Quality Inspection

First Time Home Buyer Recommends Tri-County Home Inspections

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness
Mike Vakos was able to come out on short notice and do a home inspection. As a first time homebuyer he was very helpful and knowledgeable about issues and recommendations on repairs. Friendly and professional and prompt. Will recommend to others.
- Jason Resley, First Time Home Buyer

At Tri-County Inspections we LOVE first-time home buyers!! Inspecting all homes is great but we are especially passionate about helping first-time home owners to understand the ins-and-outs of home maintenance. We love to help withall that goes into being a home owner. The first-time home owner inspection is typically a little longer. We discuss the process and explain things in a way our customer easily understands. During the inspection process we will inspect more than 400 items in many different categories. Furthermore, we are prepared to spend the time to explain any or all of it to our customers.

What is most important when doing a home inspection for a first-time home owner is to use language that is not alarming. We remember all those emotions when we bought our own first homes - nervous, cautious, apprehensive... can we really do this? Can we afford this? Is this going to be a money pit? Are we getting in over our heads? Have we thought of everything? We are prepared to come along side and bring clarity and peace of mind to all those thoughts and doubts.

First Time Home Buyer Inspection Specialists

Understandably, first time home buyers are quick to worry that even the smallest issue needing addressed on a home inspection is cause for alarm.  At Tri-County Inspections we're honored to be chosen as your home inspection company. It's rewarding to be able to explain to the first-time home owner things like the difference between a home inspection and a home appraisal, and what happens if the house they're buying has a Federal Pacific electric panel? Our home inspectors explain every last detail with thoroughness and attentiveness. Always aiming to be honest while avoiding worry or anxiousness about problems found. We want to inform without conveying the finds are absolute deal breakers.

It's important for all home buyers to understand that every existing home owner has an on-going list of improvements. These may include upgrades, maintenance, or things they meant to get to last year but never got around to. Even new construction homes should get a thorough home inspection.

If you're a first time home buyer, make sure to mention it so you get the first time home buyer discount! Check out our home inspection discounts page to see if you qualify for more.

We Have A Lot To Offer: Complete Inspection Services

Our Inspectors are licensed, certified and trained to exceed the highest industry standards. We are prepared and equipped to exceed your expectations. Among a traditional inspection, we also offer Lite Home Inspection: Home Inspection for Investment PropertyWalk-Through Home Inspection, and Pre-Listing Home Inspection.

In addition to the more than 400 items inspected in your traditional inspection, we have a variety of add on services to provide the most extensive inspection possible. Some of these add ons include: Mold testing, Radon TestingLead TestingWood Destroying Insect (WDI) Pest Inspection, and Septic Inspections.

At Tri-County Home Inspections we treat each home buyer and transaction with professionalism and patience as we provide the most thorough home inspection explained in common-sense terminology. Please don't hesitate to contact Mike at Tri-County Home Inspections to learn more. 


Affordable Home Inspections

Our Customers are our number one investment in accumulating more business. Satisfied customers share their experience with others, which brings new customers to us. We don't spend big bucks on marketing, car wraps, and pricey advertising. The home inspectors at Tri-County Inspections aim to earn your five-star review with every home inspection we do.

Our service area includes 10 counties throughout Northeast Ohio's Greater Cleveland/Akron area: Lorain CountyCuyahoga CountyLake CountyMedina CountySummit County, Wayne CountyHolmes County,Geauga CountyPortage CountyStark County.

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Tri-County Inspections home inspectors deliver everything from thorough home inspections with radon testing, mold testing and septic testing add-ons to brief walk-through inspections across ten Ohio counties including: Lorain CountyCuyahoga CountyLake CountyMedina CountySummit County, Wayne CountyHolmes CountyGeauga CountyPortage County, and Stark County. We are also the Cleveland landlords' choice for lead inspection services.

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