Cleveland Area Inspection Reminders

There’s no such thing as a perfect home (even though the picture above looks close). Last week came out…

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Cleveland Area Inspection Reminders

There’s no such thing as a perfect home (even though the picture above looks close). Last week came out with an article about inspection issues that can “torpedo” a sale. It’s fairly basic information but it’s a good reminder all homes have issues but proactively addressing these areas, as simple as it sounds, really can help the inspection go smoothly.

HVAC Issues

Needless to say, an HVAC system that operates normally and works as expected is a quick hurdle to get over. If there are obvious issues (damaged unit or not performing well), have it checked by a professional before the inspection.


Flickering lights? Outside GFCI outlets not covered? Are outlets near water GFCI? If not, have an electrician take a look. Oh, make sure lightbulbs are not burned out in a room.. Sounds simple but you might be surprised how often it happens.


We look at everything from the roof to the gutters. If you have a leak, have it checked first. If you’ve had a leak before and it’s been repaired (but a stain is still visible), make sure you hang on to the repair documentation.

Windows and Doors

As I said, it’s the simple things that get pointed out more than anything else. Make sure all the windows open and there are no obvious drafts coming thru a door or window. If it is, usually some caulk or weather stripping can take care of it.

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