A technician will perform a fluorescent dye “use and function” test which is a “gross indicator” of the operation of the system and not an intensive “pick and shovel” examination. This test is a screening procedure to determine minimal performance of a septic system, which is effected by many uncontrollable factors such as weather conditions, nature and extent of the system’s use.

This inspection is limited to the report of the fluorescent dye test. This test or report shall not constitute any guarantee, warranty or representation as to the correct installation, condition or adequacy of the septic system or its future operation.

A septic inspection makes up a functional flow test.

This test is a basic performance test of the system where approximately 1/2 days water use is added to the system. The number of gallons is determined by occupancy and assumes full occupancy (2 adults per bedroom). So the number of bedrooms is multiplied by 75 gallons to reach the amount used in the test.

The inspector will review the liquid level inside the tank before, during and after the test in order to determine the functionality of the system.